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Asset allocation is one of today's most discussed investment strategies. The big question for most sales people is not "Does it work?" - that is commonly acknowledged - but "How can I use it?".

Asset Allocation strategy applies to the selection of both mutual funds and variable annuity investment options, and our program can be distributed in conjunction with either MF/ILLUSTRATOR or VA/ILLUSTRATOR or distributed as a self-contained, stand-alone program.

Many companies already have Asset Allocation sales materials, such as folders and brochures, and some even have printed forms with questions and scoring procedures. This is a good start to using this powerful sales concept, but still leaves too much tedium and opportunity for error in the scoring, and uncertainty in the portfolio design. This is truly a concept that benefits greatly from the computational power of the computer combined with an interactive user interface that simplifies and speeds up the process and yields a specific answer to the client's question "What's right for me?"

Our program has been carefully designed to give the sponsoring company complete control over the entire process while still preserving the independence of the salesperson and client in making the final selection of investments from among those included with the program. This control enables both the marketing and compliance departments to be satisfied with the presentation and the results.

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