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MF/ILLUSTRATOR International creates hypothetical performance illustrations using actual performance data for the Mutual Funds included with the program. The user selects the currency to be used in the illustrations. Any number of currencies may be included; the selection is up to you.

The mutual funds included may use different basis currencies. And, responding to the changes brought about by the introduction of the Euro, funds which have had different basis currencies during their history may also be illustrated. All pricing and distribution data is maintained in the basis currency used as of the date of occurrence.

All of the modules available in the domestic version of MF/ILLUSTRATOR are available for MF/ILLUSTRATOR International. You select which you want your sales force to use.


  • If desired, one program with multiple currencies can be used by all members of your international sales force, rather than having different versions for each country. Or the sales force in each country may have its own version, fully customized for language, currencies and the Modules included.
  • We presently have over 3,000 users in Europe.
  • We have the knowledge and the experience necessary to create fully customized, multi-currency mutual fund marketing software for your specific products and your sales force.
  • Our programs utilize price and distribution data maintained in the basis currency as of the date they occurred. No need to translate your data into theoretical values in multiple currencies.

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