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MF/ILLUSTRATOR creates hypothetical performance illustrations using actual performance data for the Mutual Funds included with the program.

All modules utilize a consistent format in order to speed up the input process and reduce learning time, and all modules produce on-screen and printed Reports and Graphs.

There are four broad categories of modules available:

Core Modules:
Fund Performance
Investment Strategies

Supplemental Modules:
Problem Solving/Concept Selling

Distribute as many or as few of the Modules as you want your sales force to use. Add the Asset Allocation program to design a customized portfolio for each client based on their answers to risk tolerance questions.

(Note: An International version of this program is available.)

Fund Performance Modules
Fund Illustrator
Full flexibility in illustrating lump sum, periodic or irregular investment and withdrawal plans.

Fund vs. Index Comparison
Compare the performance of a mutual fund to that of selected indices, or to a fixed interest rate, using identical customized investment and withdrawal sequences.

Two Fund Comparison
Compare the performance of two mutual funds using the same customized investment and withdrawal sequence.

View Pricing/Distribution History
Review a Fund's pricing and distribution history.
Investment Strategy Modules
Multi-Fund Compsite
Illustrate the benefits of diversification through a multi-fund portfolio.

Asset Allocator
Illustrate this popular strategy using periodic re-allocation of the portfolio to dollar-cost-average and lock in gains.

Fund to Fund Reinvestment
Dollar-cost-average from one fund into another. Move only distributions or a portion of the principal, or a combination.

Fund Performance Overview
Illustrates the benefits of long term investing by presenting the fund's performance during multiple time periods of the same length.
Problem Solving/Concept Selling Modules
Asset Accumulator
Calculate the savings program needed to accomplish an accumulation goal using a specific Fund and the available time frame.

Income Provider
Determine the lump sum investment in the selected Fund needed to generate a specified (inflating if desired) income stream over a specified time period.

Income Sustainer
Find the level or inflating income stream over a specified time period that can be provided by a lump sum investment in the selected Fund.

College Educator
Calculate the savings program needed to meet a child's educational funding needs.

Retirement Planner
Determine the pre-retirement savings plan needed to fund a desired post-retirement cash flow, using different funds for the pre- and post-retirement periods, if desired.
Custom Modules
Modules can be custom-designed for special sales presentations or concept illustrations. Many companies have specialized programs and options that they want their sales force to be able to illustrate; our specialized modules, fully customized for operation, calculation and presentation, meet that need.

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