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VA/ILLUSTRATOR creates hypothetical performance illustrations using actual performance data for the Variable Annuity investment options included with the program.

The calculations associated with variable annuities are generally much more complicated than those with mutual funds, particularly when withdrawals are shown. We work very closely with our client companies to insure that all illustrations accurately duplicate the results generated by your in-house programs.

Customized Investment Program Illustration Modules
Variable annuities frequently have highly customized specific investment plan programs available to their customers. Programs such as Automatic Fund-to-Fund Transfers, Periodic Portfolio Re-balancing, and Automatic Allocation of new investments among a diversified portfolio are potentially very powerful selling points.

You spend a lot of time and money to design and implement these customized investment plan programs, and your prospects need to understand their benefits. When your sales force has VA/ILLUSTRATOR, they have the tool they need to clearly illustrate to their clients how your carefully designed programs work and what the benefits of each are.

"Core" Modules
In addition to the modules designed for your customized programs, Core modules are used to illustrate non-program-specific performance of the investment Options:

Option Performance Modules
Option Illustrator
Full flexibility in illustrating lump sum, periodic or irregular investment and withdrawal plans.

Option vs Index Comparison
Compares the performance of one Option to the performance of a fixed rate of return or to any one of the indices that the client company elects to have available (such as CPI, S&P500, various Lipper indices, etc.)

Two-Option Comparison
Compares the performance of two Options, using the same customized investment and withdrawal sequence.

View Pricing History
Review the pricing history of the selected Option.

Investment Strategy Modules
Multi-Option Composite
Illustrates the strategy of diversification through a multi-Option portfolio.

Asset Allocator
Illustrates the strategy that uses periodic reallocation/rebalancing of the portfolio to dollar-cost average and lock in gains.

Each of these modules is customized to meet your specific needs. If, for example, only accumulation plans are to be illustrated, the withdrawal options can be removed. The modules may be used in any combination - distribute as many or as few as you want your sales force to use.

All modules utilize a consistent interface in order to speed up the input process and reduce learning time, and all modules produce on-screen and printed Reports and Graphs.

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