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Your Sales Force Will Appreciate and Use This Program!

Financial Playbook is an inexpensive, easy-to-use, powerful toolset that allows financial planners, brokers, insurance agents and accountants to quickly calculate sophisticated scenarios for clients, illustrating the results with professional-quality graphs and tables. With Financial Playbook planners quickly define client's financial goals and create savings strategies illustrating what needs to be done to reach those goals. Use Financial Playbook to answer client questions like these in seconds:
  • How long will it take me to accumulate my house down-payment?
  • What effect will retiring three years early have on my retirement income?
  • How can I fund my childrens' education?
  • How much more must I save monthly if I delay starting my savings plan by two years? How much higher return do I need instead to compensate for that delay?
  • What has been my actual return on my 401(k) plan contributions?
Financial Playbook is the ideal tool for quickly reviewing your client's situation and assumptions, and helping them convert vague goals into specific dollar amounts and specific savings plans. Following up, you'll use it to check that your clients are "on track" and provide clear alternatives if you find they're not.

With multiple easily modified variables and unequalled flexibility in designing and revising scenarios, Financial Playbook provides fully customized results that your clients will recognize and accept as their own.

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Financial Playbook
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Financial Playbook includes 5 modules:
Asset Accumulator
Calculates asset accumulation, solving for the final amount, periodic additions, rate of return, initial balance required, or time needed to attain the goal, for one or two simultaneous savings plans. Create a new account, add to an existing account, or balance two to get desired results. Particularly useful for balancing contributions and rates of return for 401(k) and personal savings plans.

Income Provider
Defines income generation from accumulated savings, taking into account Social Security and pension benefits and a third income source, and permitting a delay for the start of each income source. Solves for: monthly income, duration of retirement period, initial balance, rate of return, or end value. Great for quick, cost-efficient, pre-retirement planning calculations and post-retirement monitoring.

College Educator
Develop a savings plan for financing college (or any level) education for up to four children. Solve for initial balance, additions, rate of return, time to attain the goal, or college cost. Solve for different parameters for each child, if desired!

Cost of Delay
Demonstrates the cost of delaying a savings plan, expressed as increased additions, increased initial balance, increased investment risk, or decreased accumulation. Express the cost of delay in the terms your clients best understand!

Account Analyzer
Determines the actual rate of return for savings or investment accounts, for one account or the overall return of a group of investments. Input actual dollar investments and withdrawals and current account value to determine the total and annualized rate of return. Avoids unnecessary complications such as number of shares, share price, etc. Easily answers those "How am I really doing?" questions.

The first four modules use projected fixed rates of returns which may be adjusted to suit your needs and preference. The program does not recommend portfolio asset allocation or the selection of specific investments to achieve those returns; these decisions are left to the financial planner.

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Financial Playbook
Download and try it FREE for 30 days!

Features of Financial Playbook
Easy to learn and use Simple graphical interface includes "Tool Tip" and "What's This?" help for answering basic questions. Distributed with sample scenarios and a complete Help file to shorten your learning curve.
Colorful reports and detailed tables Show your client the results of each scenario, with no hidden assumptions - all the numbers are there to examine in clear, client-friendly graphs and reports. Printed reports include optional cover page customized with your name and address. Report disclaimers for each module can be fully customized.
Fast Input is quick and results are immediate; changes are simple and fast! Save your favorite basic scenarios to recall, customize them for your client and then save them for your records and later use.
Powerful Modify parameters to instantly show different scenarios reaching the same goal, or to examine the goal's sensitivity to changes in any parameter. Includes fully integrated Present Value/Future Value, Weighted Average Return, and Detailed College Cost calculators.
Flexible Pick which parameter to solve for, so you get the specific answer you need.

Technical Specifications
Runs on: Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP/NT
Requires: 8 MB disk space
Recommended: 486 processor or higher, 32 MB RAM

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Financial Playbook
Download and try it FREE for 30 days!

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