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Concise Financial Planning Software (CFPS), founded in 1985, produces software that helps financial planners, insurance agents, brokers and others present quick, compelling answers to clients' questions.

CFPS has a long history in meeting the needs of financial professionals. In 1985 the company introduced its first software program: a client portfolio tracking program called
SMART Practice; and in 1991 released the IRA Calculator program, which calculates required minimum distributions for IRA accounts. From 1986 to 1990, CFPS published SMART Trac, a semi-monthly industry newsletter tracking the price, distributions, and performance of over 500 of the best-known mutual funds and variable annuities.

In 1993, MF/ILLUSTRATOR was released, setting a new standard in mutual fund hypothetical software with an emphasis on ease of use and marketing effectiveness. The program produces presentation quality illustrations and has a unique marketing orientation that allows Registered Representatives to clearly focus on concept selling.

Following the success of MF/ILLUSTRATOR for mutual funds, in 1995  VA/ILLUSTRATOR was released, performing similar functions for variable annuity products.

These programs are used by a wide variety of financial organizations worldwide, including Pioneer Funds, State Street Research Funds, Franklin-Templeton Funds and MetLife Insurance.

In 1998 CFPS added an Asset Allocation program to VA/ILLUSTRATOR, permitting users to evaluate client's existing portfolios and develop new ones, using suggested asset allocation models or designing their own, with an integrated client risk tolerance questionnaire and automatic calculation of portfolio past performance using market segment indices.

In 2001, CFPS released Financial Playbook, a tool designed for the professional planner that is also useful for sophisticated investors. Financial Playbook is a simple yet powerful toolset that allows users to quickly calculate and modify complex financial scenarios, illustrating the results with both graphs and tables, including professional-quality printed reports.

A unique feature of the Financial Playbook user interface is the ability to select which of the pertinent parameters to solve for, from up to as many as eight, rather than always solving for the same predetermined one. The product includes 5 modules for calculating asset accumulation, income generation for retirement, college funding, the cost of delaying an investment program and analyzing investment performance. The program's appearance is easily customized for distribution by companies to their sales forces.
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About CFPS' Founders
Joel Lundy, the company's founder and President, has 10 years experience as a financial planner and licensed Registered Representative, and over 19 years' experience in the field of financial planning. During this time he was licensed with Royal Alliance, FSC Securities, and other broker/dealers. In addition, Lundy was supervisor of account management for a Portland, Oregon financial planning firm for three years. A pioneer in the use of computers in financial planning practices, Lundy started writing software in 1984 to improve the efficiency of his own practice, and has since led the development of all of CFPS's products.

Neil Malling, Vice President, has 6 years experience as a financial planner and licensed Registered Representative, and over 16 years' experience in the financial services industry. Prior to joining CFPS, Malling spent several years as a manager with a firm developing and publishing seminars and software for the financial services industry, where he revised and enhanced the LifeGoals™ Financial Planning software, a program used by many financial planners nationwide. He holds a BS degree from Case Institute of Technology and an MBA degree from the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School, and worked for 15 years in civil engineering and management positions for domestic and international construction firms prior to entering the financial planning field.

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