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About Us

We design and produce Financial Services sales tools for those who need them the most - professionals who sit down with prospects and clients, analyze their needs and propose solutions.
  • Our Hypothetical Illustration programs do fast, flexible illustrations of the historical performance of mutual funds and variable annuities. These programs use actual historical performance to calculate solutions to client needs related to retirement income, specific savings goals, college education, etc.

  • Our Scenario program answers specific client questions about saving for retirement, their children's education and other goals, and illustrates basic investing concepts, such as the cost of delaying investment programs. This program uses projected rates of return, permitting planning scenarios for the future.
Product Distribution
Our programs are used by some of the largest and most respected companies in the financial services industry. Client companies have distributed our programs to over 15,000 financial services professionals in the United States and Europe. (The European versions use the local language and multiple currencies, including the Euro.) All programs distributed by our client companies are thoroughly customized for their specific methods of calculation, proprietary investment plans and company image.

Our principles have a combined total of 16 years experience as Series 7 licensed Registered Representatives. They know what it takes to inform, interest and motivate prospects, and have joined that knowledge with an appreciation of EASY TO USE software design.

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